Catalin Jansen

Marketing Strategist
  • He is our marketing guru/consultant
  • Hard Working
  • Creative

Catalin manages and over-see’s McCausey’s online presence. If you have any questions or concerns regarding marketing or this site, this is the man to get in touch with.

Samuel Reichmann

Certified Forensics Interviewer
  • Sam Reichmann is one of the most renowned interviewers and investigators in the security profession.
  • Before coming to McCausey-Reichmann Group LLC, Sam has worked in the private sector for more than 20 years.
  • During his career, Sam has worked as the Manager of Investigations for several major retailers leading large teams across the United States. Sam has handled very complex investigations that have involved the Federal, State and Local law enforcement agencies.
  • Sam has developed and authored the interview practice External Interviewing that is used industry wide and has had articles published on the art of interviewing.
  • Sam attended Ohio State University and is also a Certified Forensics Interviewer.

Jason McCausey

Principal Owner
  • Jason McCausey, one of the most trusted names in the security profession.
  • Worked in the private sector for 20 years prior to founding McCausey-Reichman Group LLC.
  • Has a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and Major Certifications in Computer Forensics and Criminal Investigations.
  • Experienced in private investigations, Jason has investigated a number of high-profile cases, including white-collar cases and organized crime affairs.